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How Does LiveScore Make Money?

LiveScore can provide up to date sports updates on a whole range of sports and is used globally to provide a finger on the pulse of sports across the globe.

It’s useful to check sports scores and results when on the go, and there are even free to air streams on there when they occur.

This said, many who use the sports update service do wonder how the service makes money, when their app is seemingly free.

Well, in today’s article we are going to cover what LiveScore is, who owns it, and ultimately how they make money as well as the other services offered by the LiveScore group.

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What Is LiveScore?

The LiveScore group is a collection of companies who operate as a global sports media business.

LiveScore itself is what many people use to find real-time updates on the sporting events around the world such as soccer or American Football. They provide real-time updates and free to air livestream to its users.

LiveScore Bet and Virgin Bet are also part of the LivesScore group. These two sister companies also provide a betting platform for its users, a sportsbook offering UK customers a betting service that builds on their existing users of LiveScore.

Virgin Bet, on the other hand also provides betting markets for other top sports but also provides casio products for betting also.

According to LiveScore themselves, they claim to have over 55 million active users across 200 countries around the globe, which is around 25% of what Netflix currently has, showing their prowess as a streaming service.

Put simply, LiveScore is one of three sibling companies that operate under the ‘LiveScore Group’. LiveScore provides updates on sports around the world, while its sibling companies offer betting services as well.

Who Owns LiveScore?

LiveScore was actually founded way back in 1998, before streaming was even a thing, by Peter Jerie in Gibraltar.

Even back then it was focussed on providing the best up to date sports scores and results to its global users. Its headquarters are in Gibraltar, London, and Prague.

Yet, the company didn’t come to its present prominence until the 2010s when streaming services picked up.

LiveScore was acquired in 2017 by Gamesys Group who helped develop its software but also provided a means of moving into the sports media industry where it now thrives.

Since 2019 the Group sits within the Anzo Group of companies, but operates relatively independently within this.

In 2019 it demerged from Gamesys Group to form its own stand alone group of companies as it now exists: the original service, a new LiveScore betting service, and a white label betting service operated on behalf of Virgin.

With Sam Sadi as CEO they are seeking to invest in the US online sports betting industry that became legal in 2022, as well as scaffolding their existing success in Europe.

How Does LiveScore Make Money?

How Does LiveScore Make Money

There are quite a few ways that they generate revenue. Many wonder how they earn money when their app is free, but while it is free there are still lots of ads on their mobile and website applications.

As a result LiveScore likely makes a lot of their money from advertising within their app. LiveScore even advertises other betting companies on its app.

Showing the prowess it can hold within the industry – with over 56 million users across 200 territories their app is a sought after place to advertise any company.

This said, the LiveScore group is made up of two sibling betting companies, Virgin Bet and LiveScore Bet. It’s likely that these betting sportsbooks offer a lot of money to the wider group as a result of sports betting.

The Future

In recent years there has been what critics have called a ‘betting boom’ thanks to the return of live sports in most countries.

Moreover, it seems that they are seeking to branch out into streaming spots more widely, which will gain them a lot of revenue in the future.

For example, they reached a deal with Premier Sports, who own the rights to the Italian Soccer League Serie A, to stream Serie A in Ireland with Irish-specific commentary.

Previously, their sports coverage has been revenue focussed. In other words, they show the soccer games but rather than having any in-studio punditry or sports analysis they chose instead to simply advertise for the whole 15-20 minute break that occurs in the half time break of soccer between the first and second half of play.

As you can imagine, with the amount of users that LiveScore boasts, they can auction these advertising slots to the highest bidder and will likely make a lot of money from advertising during these breaks, while saving money on studio costs and pundits’ wages.

In essence, they are clearly looking to get into the sports streaming service, especially in the UK and Ireland.

This could be a huge way for them to earn money, on top of their existing betting and sports update services which already boast a huge amount of users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cristiano Ronaldo Own LiveScore?

If you have seen LiveScore advertised recently you may have seen Cristiano Ronaldo along with it.

Many assumed that Ronaldo himself owned the betting and live sports update service, but this is not the case. The current CEO of the LiveScore group is Sam Sadi

In 2021 they announced that Cristiano Ronaldo would be their new Official Global Brand Ambassador which is still the case today.

As a result Cristiano Ronaldo is featured heavily in their advertising and marketing, which is a huge asset as he is arguably the greatest soccer, if not sport star, around at the minute. 

The advertising and marketing prowess he brings to the group is huge and will continue to help grow their already large user base.

Often LiveScore are featured on his own Instagram, which has 578 million followers, which is a huge asset to them.

This does cause some confusion about whether he owns the platform, but he is simply the ambassador.

Final Thoughts

While LiveScore is a free sports update and media website and application, this is one of three sibling companies that operate under the LiveScore Group moniker, with wider support from the Enzo Group. LiveScore will make a lot of their money from these betting services that they offer. 

However, LiveScore will make lots of money from their advertising. In other words, it has a huge user base, of over 50 million in 200 territories.

That means they can charge a lot for other companies to be advertised on their platform, with Cristiano Ronaldo as their global ambassador as well.

LiveScore is also looking to go into the sports streaming services, this aspiration shows their assets are large as the rights to the soccer streaming they are skirting around can be million or billion dollar deals.

This is also lucrative for them as well as they opt to host advertisement in their half time breaks as opposed to punditry, which will bring them in a lot of money.

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