How Online Bookie Software + 2018 World Cup Betting = Big Profits

Online bookie agents can make huge profits on 2018 World Cup Russia. A ton of soccer matches will be played during the 2018 World Cup. Agents can make profit off of virtually each and every match. That doesn’t include profit agents can make from World Cup prop and future betting.

To make the profit, though, agents must utilize the best online bookie software.

How Online Bookie Software + 2018 World Cup Betting = Big Profits

Check out the tools to use for World Cup profit.

Mass editing tool – The mass editing tool might be the most important profit protecting tool to use during the 2018 World Cup. The mass editing tool allows per head agents to create max betting limits for all bettors. That means no single bettor can dump more than what an agent wishes on any World Cup single match bet, prop bet, or future bet.

Bet alert – If you, the bookie agent, has a client that loves to wager on soccer matches, and has had success betting soccer, why not set up a bet alert? The bet alert tool pings you when that player has made a wager on a specific match.

You can then adjust your PPH sportsbook accordingly.

Schedule limit override tool – The schedule limit override tool allows you to set up an override on a single World Cup match, on all World Cup matches, or on a specific profile. Maybe, you don’t want a specific player pounding one side of a single World Cup match. The schedule limit override tool allows you to set the override on the player.

Premium tools – There are several tools that offer pay per head agents via their Premium Package. One of the tools is a line mover. Although it should be rare that you want to move a World Cup match handicap betting line, it’s nice to know that the tool is available.

Settle alert tool – The 2018 World Cup lasts for an entire month. There could be a situation where you wish to create a settle alert during the World Cup. Then, you can collect, or make a payout before the World Cup has ended. Keeping sports bettors playing, making wagers in your sportsbook, is the first rule to creating steady profit.